1950 Mosquito

1950 Mosquito
subject Mosquito of 1950

I don`t know if my little moped is of any interest for you. I have restored my Phillips 26 inch bicycle,and instolled a Moquito helper engine,under the pedal crank shaft. This Mosquito helper engine is one of the first made,of the year 1950 model,it is a 38cc-2stoke petroil engine. The drive is friction with a roller pressing on rear tyre. Inside the roller is the magneto,the carburator has a little pump for cold start ,when pumped with one finger ,it delivers a drop of fuel in carb intake. This Italian tiny engine,can be hooked against the rear tyre to become a helper,or can be hooked to an other positoin ,to become a bicycle,whitout drag or any chain noise. I done a carrier with a rear stand,to start from cold on the spot ,until it warms up . I also made a fuel proof tank,hanged by two straps on the Phillps top tube . The fuel tank ,carier and rear stand ,i made them all from scrap material. I don`t know if my little moped is of any interest for you. I use it for fun,when it is sunny,becouse i feel cold ,but in MALTA soon i`ll be using it daily. Hope i hear from you.

P.S. I can send you more pictures if you want me to.

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  • Uploaded by Carmel Zammit on April 27, 2008
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