1983 Garelli Monza GT, Gray, Series 1 OG

1983 Garelli Monza GT, Gray, Series 1 OG1983 Garelli Monza GT, Gray, Series 1 OG1983 Garelli Monza GT, Gray, Series 1 OG
I'm pretty sure what we have here is a Series 1 Garelli Monza GT! I got him for $350 along with a Honda Express during the winter of 2021 into '22. Getting to them almost ruined my back for some reason, I guess I over worked myself. After getting them loaded up and driving them home I barely made it to my bedroom and I was actually laid up for 2 months afterwards. I have 3 herniated discs in my spine apparently, and I'm only 24. (That pisses me the **** off). Anyway, I want to make this bike the king of the roads, but I need the help of the community because I've never seen anything this bad before. The engine was filled with water and rusted remains of the trans gears shot out after opening the case, so I replaced the whole motor with the 2 speed automatic motor from a Cosmo Stinger (Avanti Supersport). I could have parted this bike out...I named "him" Cosmo...but can anyone help me save him? I need to resurrect the wheels, and there are other things I have zero idea on too. I'll be making posts on that soon though, so stay tuned. Help in those posts would be appreciated.

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