1992 Babetta 210, Babetta 210/121 LUX

1992 Babetta 210, Babetta 210/121 LUX
My Czechoslovak moped Jawa Babetta 210/121 LUX, 1992 with 2 speed automatic transmission.
It's "facelifted" model of this moped, that means the model has fork with external springs, smaller handlebars with Domino levers and stronger frame near engine mounts. It's one of the first facelifted models, so it has old taillight and old - longer front fender.
I've put mask and rear oil shock absorbers from Manet Korado due to sportier look and drive ability.
Carburetor is Dellorto SHA 16.16 and valve is little bit ported. Max speed is around 60 km/h.

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