Chris and Renee

We just wanted to share this with you because the moped army is definitely a community of friends who have always shown support for each other in times of need. Our dear friend, Chris Moore and his wife Renee, recently lost everything due to a fire. Everything including their dear cat, Warpig, who everyone knew and loved. It's such an unimaginable, devastating time for them and so Kalamazoo is rallying together to send stuff their way, setting up an art auction and a benefit show for them. There is a place to donate money here: If you're able to, anything you could donate would greatly be appreciated, and that's probably an understatement.

Many of you also work in places that you may have the opportunity to donate things (clothes, house wares, art supplies, music equipment, etc.) for the Moores. They left their apartment with a cell phone and a pair of glasses, so they are really starting from square one. You might remember Chris from working at 1977 Mopeds, and bombing around on his creamcycle Carabela moped. Chris has always been in a band and both he and Renee are artists. While we are so thankful they are physically safe from harm, the loss of "stuff" is heartbreaking. If you do have anything you could donate, please contact my wife Emily ( to arrange the details or go ahead and send it to us: 904 S. Rose St. Kalamazoo, MI 49001.

Thanks so very much!

Dan and Emily