Welcome to the new Moped Army website.

It's been 15 years since the beginning and 9 years since the last major redesign of this site. In that time we have grown like crazy and this upgrade was a long time coming. I tried my hardest to squash all the bugs before launching, but I know I didn't get them all. Please let me know when you encounter something that acts or looks weird. Consider this the beginning of the refinement stage.

Besides an upgraded look and feel there are many new features on the site. Most of them in the forums:

  • Edit forum posts for 10 minutes after posting
  • Multiple attachments per post
  • Improved security
  • Flat/threaded view choice follows your account login
  • New flags follow your account login
  • Post preview
  • Switching to BBCode instead of Textile for formatting
  • Auto-embedding of YouTube and Vimeo videos just by posting a link
  • Ability to follow topics
  • Personal Messages to individual users
  • Set your time zone
  • Per-post and per-forum RSS feeds

The Moped Owners Directory is now called the Moped Riders Directory and makes it easier to find people by filtering based upon when they last logged in to the site and keeping the search results present as you look at each person's profile.

The photo gallery is much more visual now, allowing you to navigate by thumbnails. You'll also notice there is a "latest photos" widget in the sidebar of the homepage, along with a listing of the latest official members and upcoming rallies.

There are plenty of other little things but I'll let you stumble across those yourself. Remember, there will still be some bugs so please contact me directly when you find one and let me know the URL, the problem, whether or not you were logged in, and what browser you are using.

Note: I am still uploading all of the attachments for the forum. This may take a few days to complete. All of the 2011 posts are online now.

It's been a lot of work, but I'm really happy to finally launch this site. Thanks again to everyone that contributes to the moped community.