Red October 6- Dank & Kalvin

The Guns present Red October 6 this weekend, July 10-12 2009 in Ypsilanti, MI. This will be the final moped rally on Olive Street, so please ride mopeds and wear costumes with us.Friday, July 10

All Day Meet up at the Moped House- 410 Olive St in Ypsilanti.

8:00 pm Kevin Fulton Ypsilanti Ride

Late night Bar Time
Saturday, July 11

12:30 pm Ride to Hell, MI leaves Olive St. (60 miles round trip)

Late afternoon Meet up in Ann Arbor for dinner.

10:00 pm Double Birthday Bash 5 Costume Party at the Moped House.

Midnight Prize presentation for best costume.
Sunday, July 12

1:00 pm Ride to Ann Arbor BBQ leaves Olive St.
Red October 6 is held at 410 Olive St. Ypsilanti MI 48197.
If you have any questions, please contact Scott Bernick.