Website redesign preview

As all of you know this website is showing signs of age and badly needs an update in design, features, and performance. I have spent much of my free time this year working on a new version that aims to bring you all three and at this point I'm ready to share a preview of the upcoming redesign.

This is an evolution of the static design comp found on the 1977 Mopeds blog a couple of months ago and is now a coded web page. It's only the homepage for now, but it gives you an idea of what's in store and I will be posting additional updates from time to time. There will also be a formal beta testing period before the new site launches.

Upgrading an existing site with so many loyal users is much more difficult than building a new site from scratch. I am trying to make the transition as seamless as possible. This is only an initial preview and the final is still months away, with numerous complications, particularly around user accounts and a forum upgrade.

I hope you will provide me with feedback and help during the upcoming beta stage. I can't wait to have the new site up and running and I'm very excited that this is finally the year that version 5.0 will launch.