Moped Accident in Austin

A dispatch from Lester Chiu in Austin, TX:

Moped Accident in Austin leaves one of our own in the hospital, and everyone else a little shaken. On the ACR 512 Wednesday night ride last night, three members were involved in a bad accident on their mopeds, leaving ACR member and close friend Carla with a broken elbow. To help cover the costs of the ER visit and upcoming surgery Austin Mopeds/ACR 512 are trying to help in every way possible, including setting up a donation fund to help cover medical expenses. Please feel free to contribute in any way you can. Moped riders are family. Always wear a helmet.

Carla does not have insurance so the emergency room visit and surgery are going to be very costly as will being out of work for an indeterminate period. If you don't know carla here's her myspace and here's her x-ray. The cursor points to her elbow which should be attached to her ulna.