Sausagefest II: Yodeling in the Canyon

Do you regret the decisions you've made this year? Do you wish you would have started that new diet or exercise regimin? Maybe you regret not spending enough time with your family or friends. Perhaps you wish you had taken some more "me" time. Whatever your regrets may be, the new year is the perfect time to get that "fresh start". What a better way to start off the new year than with the Tom Cruisers, because you can rest assured that you are in fact a creature of habit who won't change, regardless of the fact that you will have to write '08 on all the checks you sign to pay for child support for that kid you accidentally had. (Official Tom Cruisers new years resolution: have less accidental kids this year).
Even though your life will continue with gaining momentum towards failure, and as each new year rushes by, laughing directly in your face, you can rest easy knowing that you can at least start a new year of poor decisions with a failure of a rally and a bunch of dudes who know exactly what it means to have their priorities out of order.
So go on, buy that plane ticket with the money that you should be putting towards paying off your credit card debt. Go ahead and convince your friends to drive that old automobile that won't make it back, and will wind up stranding you somewhere in the middle of Nevada. C'mon, blow your assets on a rally adventure with the Tom Cruisers, because shit... I would.

(No seriously, come to our rally. December 29th - January 1st)