Moped Glenns Hospital Bills.

We reached Glenns living needs very quickly. We raised $2000 to pay his bills, buy him food, and take away some of the stress of his recovery time. Since people still want to help, lets try and tackle some of his hospital bills.

Saturday June 16th riding home from the Cincy Bomb prom, Glenn hit a patch of broken asphalt and lost control of his moped. Unluckily his jaw broke his fall. After being rushed to the hospital, and put on a respirator, he finally woke up. He is going to be ok, but it is going to be hard recovery. He is going to be down and not working for a minimum of 1 month.

Glenn has been a very active member of the Moped Army for 8 years. He works as a moped mechanic, and is always helping people.

We are trying to raise money to help pay his bills. Please help a mopeder, and a fellow person out.