Craig Doty Hit and Run Fundraiser

While visiting the Mosquito Fleet branch in Seattle last July, Craig Doty of the Peddy Cash Moped Army branch was in a terrible hit and run accident while riding a moped. The accident left Craig with two broken legs, a fractured cheekbone, and several missing teeth.

Initially it seemed that taking care of the medical bills would be feasible for Craig because he had medical insurance, but that has proved to be more difficult than anticipated. The biggest obstacle at this point is the $4,500 it will cost to get teeth but back in his head. Craig has already spent around $2,000 on this procedure in addition to the $4,000 in hospital bills the insurance would not cover. The medical insurance won't cover this so Craig needs our help now in order to finish up with his dental treatment.

This is becoming more pressing, as it appears he will soon have to have another surgery on his right leg because it has not healed properly. Of course we don't expect to raise the full amount that Craig needs, but anything and everything helps. Please help out however you can.