Moped to South America

In 2006, Zach Levenburgh and Graham French set foot on a voyage which would be the longest moped trip in history. Their five month, 13,000 mile trip to the southern most tip of South America at speeds of around 30 miles per hour are a testament that travel is not solely about the destination.

Zach and Graham shot video of their entire trip last year in hopes of producing a movie documentary. Their documentary dreams were crushed after a mugging in the last 48 hours of their trip when their last two weeks of footage was stolen along with a passport, check card, digital DV camera and many other things.

So, Zach and Graham are returning to South America with their mopeds and they will be shooting new footage to complete their documentary. They will be back at the end of the month and plan to release the documentary this summer along with a photo book.

They have dedicated 6 months of their time on this project and in speaking with them you can truly see their desire to share their trip with the world. Their determination will not allow this movie to not be made and is a huge testament to fulfilling ones dreams and making awesome things happen. In order to hit the area in the appropriate season and time frame, they are leaving the country with very few funds and they are reaching out to their future viewers for help in funding the rest of a movie not yet finished.

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View the Moped to South America trailer.