Vornkamp Bike going out of business

Homer writes:

"Last week I had to turn over the keys to the shop to Mrs. V. Was real hard to walk away from something that I had given 21 years of my life to. Due to lack of CASH, I was left with no other choice. Anyway, I'll be down at the shop with the landlord this coming Wed. at 6 p.m. to conduct some business.
If you and any of your cohorts can muster up some spending loot, then do so and be THERE! This woman wants to clear out everything there as soon as possible. She can't sell the building until it's empty! This will be a First come - First serve opportunity. Holdouts will miss the BOAT!!!!!! She has no
idea of any kind as to the value of used stuff, and new stuff will be drastically reduced!!!!! SO you folks amongst the moped army crowd can reap the benefits. Only sad thing is that the money won't go too me....... Oh! Well. If you and your people can make a hefty purchase, I'll discreetly make
sure that some moped repair TOOLS kinda come into your possession. For future use by everybody!!!!! In about 2 weeks I will transfer to first shift at my factory job, after that I'll be available to help out some assisting in renovations and such."

Homer - of Vornkamp Bike