Friday September 1st

Evening: Arrive from wherever you are coming from, go to Josh's or Fred's.

Hanging out, Riding, Eating, Drinking, Resting, Fixing, Whatever else needs to be done.

Saturday September 2nd

9am: Breakfast at the Neighborhood Restaurant in Union Square

11am-2ish: Meet up with stragglers etc. in Davis Square. Fixing, snacking, hanging around.

2pm: RIDE! Harvard, MIT, The Charles, Back Bay, North End, Columbus Park, The Common, Etc.

6pm: Dinner in China Town

Evening: Central and Inman Squares for F.S.S.M.A.B.P.The Druid. All are invited.

Sunday September 3rd

9am: Meet up for coffee at “Diesel”Diesel Cafe. in Davis Square.

Noon: BBQ at Fred's house

Afternoon: Rides around Cambridge and Somerville. Weather permitting.

7pm: Candlepin bowling in Davis Square at Sacco's.

Monday September 4th

Whoever is left, meet up and ride.