Announcing the new Moped Wiki

I'm happy to announce a major new feature, the Moped Wiki. What's a wiki? It's a way for everyone to create pages on the site, link them together, edit and add to each other's work. It's a collaborative process of building a knowledge database and could end up being a massively useful moped encyclopedia. You may be familiar with Wikipedia; we're running the same software as they are.

Anyone can edit, and all changes are saved in a log, but writing in a wiki is a bit different then make a post to the forums. Before you dive in please read a bit of the users manual on the MediaWiki website. This will give you a solid background in understanding how a wiki works and how to make the most of it. Let's try to stick by conventions set by Wikipedia regarding writing style and editing form.

One of the important concepts to understand about a wiki is that pages are collaborative documents. No one person owns a particular page; everyone can edit or delete content. This means two things: 1) Don't get defensive about what you've written, accept help and collaboration from others in making the best document possible. 2) You can help out by looking at the recent changes and cleaning up other peoples work. Are you a grammar or spelling hound? Love to categorize information? Feel free to monitor the wiki and help keep the quality level high. 3) Just like with the forums there will always be spammers. You can watch the recent changes and help keep spam off the wiki.

This is a bit of an experiment but I think it's going to be a great way to capture and share the knowledge of the moped community. Let's "Swarm and Create" the greatest moped information resource ever. If you have an account with the website an account will automatically be created for you on the wiki.