August 12-13 • The Ghost Ride • Grand Rapids, MI

The Ghost Riders are proud to present the first annual Ghost Ride Rally in Grand Rapids MI. We have a ton of awesome stuff planned and would love for everyone to come and set this town a blaze. Lets Rock!

Mini Rides
Hanging Out

10:30 am Meet up at Founders
We will all meet at Founders Brewery (our local meet up spot) there is tons of free 24 hour parking so it is a great place for everyone who arrives Saturday to stash their rigs.

11:30 am Ghost Ride BBQ @ Riverside Park
A short ride from Founders brings us to Riverside Park set along the banks of the Grand River. Here we will cook out, hang out and straight rock out. (food provided)

1:30 pm Afternoon Ride
We have a 30 mile multi-stop ride planned that takes us from downtown to east-town to the west side, the riverbank and back. Here are some of the highlights of the trip.

Jersey Junction
After the long Reeds Lake loop we will be stopping for hand dipped homemade ice cream at Jersey Junction in East Grand Rapids.

John Ball Zoo, Hill Climb Showdown
Test your skills in this no holds barred uphill downhill battle for moped supremacy. Who will take the top spot?

Millennium Park Splash fest
Take a dip @ the gravel pit beach or fall off the monkey bars in the splash park. (Entrance to the park is included in your rallypak)

Scenic Drive / Indian Mounds Road
This one-way road through the woods winds up and down with plenty of hairpins and challenging curves. (watch out for dirt, this means you Travis) after the scenic drive we will travel back into the city VIA Indian mounds road where we will pass by the burial grounds of Grand Rapids Native American ancestors, Stroll along the Grand River on the old train bridge and pass by the poopy whiff of the water treatment plant.

Pedestrian Tunnel / Bridge Street downhill
Blatantly disobey no motor vehicle signs as we rip up a pedestrian tunnel under the freeway to the top of the west side. Then proceed back into the city VIA the bridge street hill where even your slow ass jawa can hit speeds up to 40mph!

6th street Bridge
The final stretch of the afternoon ride takes us over one of Michigan’s oldest bridges. Watch out for oncoming traffic.

6:00 pm Dinnertime
We will break into various groups and swarm the towns top-notch eateries, some destinations include. Cottage Bar, Yesterdog, Marado Sushi, The Sliver Cactus, Big O’s pizza.

9:00 pm Founders Regroup

9:30 pm The Ghost Ride
Ride outside of the city to North Leonard to Greenlawn Cemetery. Stop briefly and enjoy the uneasy feelings and general creepiness of an old cemetery at night.

11:30 pm Random Bar Takeover
We will take the swarm to a random bar and take that bitch over.
Guaranteed to have cheap beers and plenty of character.

2:00 am House Party wind down
From the bar we will head to TBD to wind down after a long days pedding.


11:00 am

1:00 pm
The Short Ride.

The rally pack will be $15 and includes.
Park Entrance
BBQ Food

If you plan on coming please register so we can make sure you have a shirt in your size and a place to stay when you arrive. Register

If you need a place to stay contact Myself Joel or Travis we have plenty of futons couches and floorspace. We also have a limited amount of loaner peds available. Other questions can be directed to