Announcing the Moped Army Store

There is a new area of the website up now - the Moped Army Store. This area will be used to sell items that promote not just the Moped Army - but mopeds in general. Items will be promotion, not moped parts and supplies.

Currently we are selling T-shirts, with buttons and stickers to come soon. There will be new T-shirt designs every few weeks, so the ones we have available at any given time should be considered limited. Shirts are available in white and gray.

Other shirts that will be coming in the future will feature moped company logos, or highlight a particular moped brand. These shirts are really going to help spread the word about mopeds when people see us wearing them and ask what it's all about.

Payment is currently done by credit card through a secure server at CafePress - the company that is creating the shirts for us. Let me know what you think of the shirts, and if you have any other ideas for the store.