Bomb Prom 2006: Enchantment Under the Sea

The Bombardment Society cordially invites you to Cincinnati to attend Bomb Prom 2006: Enchantment Under the Sea, the weekend of June 23-25. TBS has hosted several rallies, but after the success of last year's Bomb Prom, we knew we had to throw another dance party.

Attendees from Bomb Prom 2005 probably recall the fun of the big group rides to scenic vistas and the dancing, and everyone coming this year can expect more of the same.

Arrivals, food, drink. Also, Ghostface will be in town, at this huge fest, and some TBS folks will be in attendance. (We recommend arriving Friday so you can be ready for an action-packed Saturday.)

Noon: BBQ, food provided. This is where it all begins.
2 p.m.: Big group ride through parks, rural Kentucky, across the Ohio River on a ferry, downtown Cincy, local ice cream. You don't want to miss this.
Dinner: Local stuff! Skyline, etc.
Latenight: Bomb Prom at a bar you've never heard of. It doesn't have a web site; it's not in the phone book. We'll take it over. Dress to impress.

11 a.m.: Brunch buffet, food provided. Vegan goetta??
1 p.m. or earlier if possible: Another sweet big group moped ride.
5 p.m.: DIY craft fair/flea market/show, with music by I Would Set Myself on Fire for You, others.

Rally pack:
Details are still being finalized, but rally packs will probably be $12 and include a T-shirt, bandana, button, sticker, and free admission to Bomb Prom. Don't forget: Lunch on Saturday and Sunday is on us, too.

Need a place to stay? Need more info? Email me at brianjphillips [at] Or check the Moped Army message boards.

Hope to see you soon.

Update, posted June 26: People are adding photos to Flickr with the tag bombprom06. Check them out here