Website Fundraiser 2006

It is really amazing to watch the growth of the moped community and I'm happy that I've been able to provide a place for discussion, education, history, and more. I'm dedicated to sustaining and improving this website for all of you.

The downside is that popular websites cost money and last year the bandwidth bill got high enough that we implemented a yearly fundraiser to pay for the site. All of you pulled together and we reached our goal in a single week. The server has been holding strong but it's time to pay the bill for 2006.

The always reliable pair Networks has given us a good deal on a server. Between the monthly costs and a few upgrades the total we need to raise is $1,500. I know that everyone is in different financial situations but I'm suggesting a minimum donation of $12. For a dollar a month you can take pride in knowing that you helped fund the growth of the moped community. Think about how much the site means to you, consider your financial situation, and give accordingly.

I've set up a DropCash account, which is an easy way to manage fund raisers. Payments are handled by PayPal and can be made with a credit card if you don't have a PayPal account. The campaign's progress is updated in real time as we reach our goal.

Thank you to everyone that has contributed to this site in the past, either monetarily or with your words, photos, and wit. Let's get this thing out of the way so we can focus on mopeds, not bandwidth bills.