Dave Brzezicki in a hit and run accident

Dave Brzezicki of the Decepticon Moped Army was in a terrible hit and run accident with a speeding SUV. His pelvis is broken and he will be laid up for a very long time while he heals. It's hard to know what the hospital bill will be but on top of that he won't be able to work to pay his mortgage, buy food, etc.

We are raising money (fund raiser closed) for him to live off of while he heals. The initial estimate is that he will be out of commission for half a year. I know that this is a big amount but this is a big problem. Please help out with whatever you can. I know that Dave will forever appreciate it.

This campaign is now closed. We raised $3,500 after PayPal fees -- higher than what showed up on the dropcash page because of a technical glitch. Thanks to everyone for helping out, I know that Dave appreciates all the support he has received both monetarily and in person. He is on the road to recovery, drop him a line if you have the time.