Moped BBQ 11 in one week

The 11th Moped Army BBQ, hosted by the Decepticons, is taking place next weekend in Kalamazoo, Michigan. This is the largest gathering of mopeds and enthusiasts anywhere in the country. If you're within driving distance from Kalamazoo you won't want to miss the madness this Memorial Day. Don't believe the hype? Check out the photos from previous years.

Various things will be happening throughout the weekend but the large public event is at 1977 Mopeds on Monday, May 30th. The address is 248 N Burdick St., which is located at the north end of the downtown mall. Things will be happening from 10am to 5pm including food, a custom moped show, a new style of moped race, and moped riders from all across the nation hanging out and meeting one another. Also on hand will be Paul Sizer, showing off some fresh pages from his upcoming graphic novel Moped Army 2277.

Rallies like this are what makes the Moped Army so great. Meeting moped people from across the nation and riding in giant swarms. See you on Memorial Day.