Fund raiser finished, in only a week!

I can't believe how successful and fast this website fund raiser has been. Thanks so much to everyone who donated and to everyone that makes this community great. Coming soon are many new improvements to the website that I think you'll enjoy.

Below is the complete list of contributors. This was truly a swarm effort and demonstrates how working together we can accomplish great things. Special thanks goes to those listed in italics and extra thanks to the people in bold.

Fort Worth Bret, Kathleen Walker, Craig Stewart, Paul Puccio, Bruce Wilkinson, Leslie Miller, Curtis Oandasan, Jon Folks, Michael Seidel, John Escue, Matt Smith, Ira Bennett, Liralen Isaac, Matthew Libhart, Beamer Wilkins, Jeffrey Chong, Justin Todd, Chris Rice, Seth Bedwell, Charles Shull, Benjamin Broad, Rebecca Jubie, Sean Taylor, Jeff Hinton, Cindy Peterson, John J Asselin, James Madden, Jessica Jones, Frank Calvelli, Matthew Trescot, Jessica Voigt, Ed Mulrooney, Michael Bernier, Megan Canney, Brandon Eliason, John Albert, Rob Hoehn, Adam Wygle, Chad Burke, Kevin Barrans, Jason Jacobs, Sean Hicks, David Coates, David Emery, Joshua Franta, Seth Jones, Justin Nge, Erin Anderson-Ruddon, William Metteer, Brown Coat Music, Ben Hoefer, Hillary Berry-Griffioen, Michael Leinartas, Tiffany Tomkinson, Melissa Whitaker, Waleed Rashidi, Lindsay Casey, James Dashley, John Bolecek, Matthew Angeleri, Michael Reed, Mike Sullivan, Nathan Zylich, Bryan Krallman, Susan Tamblyn, Jaakan Page-Wood, Frederick Barney, Chris Salmonson, Miguel Centellas, Ian Cohoon, Daniel Kastner, Matthew Coles, Jake Van Order, Russell Sprague, Joshua Dahl, John Gooding, Russell Sprague, and Gretchen Clarey-Bailey.

No more worrying about this until next year. I'd like to say a final thank you to everyone that helped get this done, it is truly appreciated.