Western Herald's Peter Schinkai attacks Moped Army

In contrast to all the positive press we've received lately, the Western Herald's Peter Schinkai has published an opinion piece today that directly attacks the Moped Army. He calls us a "plague", refers to mopeds as "fake motorcycles", and tells us to "join the world of adults" by driving our cars to the bar instead of our mopeds to the Rocket Star. His piece misinforms people about mopeds, directly attacks those who ride them, disrespects the Moped Army, and advocates mindless conformity to societal norms.

The article isn't on the Herald's website yet, but you can read a copy I scanned from today's paper.

Update: I have removed the contact information and call to respond because the Herald has now printed four of our letters.
Read them here: 1, 2, 3, 4.