Moped BBQ 10 Photos + Race Videos

This last Memorial Day in Kalamazoo we held Moped Army BBQ 10, a milestone for the Moped Army. We had members attend from both coasts and everywhere in between. Representatives showed up from Janus, kHz, Mosquito Fleet, Motion Left, Noviy Lef, Peddy Cash, The Bombardment Society, The Guns and The Tom Cruisers.

During the weekend we had some gigantic rides with extremely few breakdowns. We rode, we raced, and we sat in a hot tub. The rain plagued us but never spoiled our fun.

The cross town race changed a bit this year. The name of the game was elimination, so only the strongest racers made it to the final lap. The competition was fierce, and the winners are as follows:

1st - Chad Burke (Decepticons)
2nd - Dave Brzezicki (Decepticons)
3rd - Justin (Noviy Lef)
4th - Wayne (Decepticons)
5th - Brendan Barrans (Mosquito Fleet)

As a side note, Chad wrecked on the first checkpoint and still won the race with bent front forks and handlebars. Hardcore.

There are two videos of the race are available: Takeoff and Finish. Both require the QuickTime plug-in and are 312K each in size.

Thanks to all the members who came out for the weekend and to everyone who came on Memorial Day for the main event. This is an amazing thing we have going. Swarm and Destroy.

The photos from the weekend are now online.