Attempted Moped Thefts Averted

A couple of nights ago vanessa and John's mopeds were almost stolen, here is how it went down. Keep your eyes out for kids meeting this description.

"hey dan. i came home and steve (neighbor) said he had seen some kids out back and it seemed like they were trying to break into cars. i went out there and the wern't going for cars but mopeds instead. kloote's padlock was cut and they removed my u-lock - cut through part of my frame (not to crutial of a part) but did cut several of my spokes on my back tire. one kid was white with short curly blond hair- neighbor described himas having a 'disco' shirt on because it was silver metalic and tight. the other kid was hispanic with a wifebeater and sagging blue shorts. had a mustache. they were using a whistle code to communicate to one another from vine street. the cops came and filled out a report but cant do much for me. the cop did say that he's dealt with a lot of moped thefts, they're usually done by juveniles from the north side and they most often end up in one specific house but he wouldn't give me the address. i suspect it was the house that you've been to already. so that's the story. i need a new rear wheel."