Forum Spam

This weekend I was in Cincinnati, Ohio for a Moped Army event hosted by the Bombardment Society. When I got back, the forum was an absolute mess, full of spam and porn. I've received many concerned and angry emails, and I'm in the process of reading the forum, cleaning it up, and figuring out this and other off-topic issues that seem to have erupted while I was gone.

The forum is a great thing folks, but this is really annoying. On a more positive note, thanks for all the support and suggestions I've been receiving.


I have cleaned up the nonsense, pornographic material, and other problem posts in the forums. A measure that I've taken to eliminate this problem in the future is taking away the ability to post inline images with your post. No HTML is allowed anymore, which is a penality that unfortunately effects everyone. Hopefully one day this capability can be restored.

Lets keep the forum clean. If there is a spammer post, please email me directly with a link to is so that I can evaluate if it should be deleted. Thanks.