BBQ 7 Race Locations

Every BBQ we have a giant cross town moped race. This race is open to all mopeds, and is designed to factor in more than just raw speed in the winning of the race.

There are five locations throughout the city; each racer has to choose three. People pick up flyers at each location they visit to prove that they've been there. The first one back to the starting point with three different flyers wins.

The race locations are chosen to maximize the number of possible good routes, without making any one spot obviously undesirable. The race will start and end at The Space, with a choice of the following locations:

Acme Bedding Co.


Bill's Lock Shop

Dairy Mart

East Hall (Davis St. Side)

Get your mopeds tuned up and expect some fierce competition. Remember to ride safely, and wear a helmet if you know you might get a little crazy.