Moped Thieves Caught Red-Handed

It all went down this afternoon at The Space. A group of five kids (three on bicycles and two on foot) were circling the parking lot for about a half hour. They were obviously casing out our mopeds parked outside the coffee shop. We kept our eye on them.

Suddenly, two of them grabbed a moped each and tried to make a run of it. It was not a good idea. Half a dozen Decepticon Moped Army members poured out of the coffee shop's front door. It was on.

The first kid dropped Casey's Concord Invader and made a run for it. The other didn't get past the end of the parking lot before he dropped my Bianchi-Snark and dashed across the busy street. We were behind them, dodging cars and giving chase. Cell phones were ringing; the cops were already on their way.

Within a few minutes, Chad Burke and I had caught the kid that had dropped my Snark. Dan escorted him back to The Space. The rest of us went after Casey, who was back on her moped hunting for the second kid. Chad and Emily went around the left flank and circled around while I caught up with Casey. She'd cornered the kid by the railroad tracks. Still high on adrenaline, I dropped my bike next to Casey and started after the kid. After a short tense stand-off, Chad and Emily arrived, followed shortly after by Dan and the police.

We handed the kids over to the cops. They took our report; we're pressing charges. In short, a good day's work. Casey and I took a few tumbles in the chase and needed minor first aid. But all the mopeds were present and accounted for. And that's the important thing.