Moped BBQ 6 - Maps and Information

Moped Army BBQ 6 is less than a week away, and I know that some of you are coming from out of town. The most important thing to note is that this year it's happening at The Space in Kalamazoo, not at Moped Manor on South Street where it's been in the past.

To help you find your way, here is a MapQuest map of The Space. Prefer driving directions to maps? You can also get directions to The Space.

If your looking for a hotel, I suggest Kalamazoo isn't very big, so it shouldn't be a problem to stay anywhere in the city and still be able to ride your moped to The Space in the morning.

The other thing we need maps for is the race. For those that don't know, the BBQ always ends with a giant moped race across town. The way it's set up is that there are 5 locations, with people passing out different flyers at each one. Racers need to go to at least 3 locations of their choice, and bring back the flyers. First one back wins; there are trophies to be handed down from previous winners to the first and second place racers.

The race is set up this way to minimize the importance of speed alone. There is strategy involved with picking which locations to go to, based on the specialties of your moped. Also keep in mind that Kalamazoo is full of one-way streets, making seemingly close destinations take longer to get to than you'd think.

The race will start and end at The Space, with these 5 locations as options:

The BBQ Pit
Moped Manor
National City Bank
Light Fine Arts Building (Kalamazoo College)

It may be helpful to see a map that contains all of the race locations. Unfortunately MapQuest only allows for 5 locations maximum on a single map, so The Space isn't listed on the all locations map. I suggest pulling them both up in different windows in order to orient yourself with the beginning and ending locations of the race.

The final thing to note is that if you haven't noticed in the events section, the BBQ is next Monday, May 27th. It will start at 10a.m., and go until early evening. The race will be help at approximately 5p.m., and the event usually wraps up shortly after that.

This BBQ is going to be an awesome event, I hope you can come.

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