Immaturity in the forum

There has been a lot of problem posts in the forum lately, and I'm starting to moderate it a little closer. Please just ignore these posters. A reminder: you can always tell who the real poster is if they have logged in. So just because somebody posts with a certain name, check their "verified user" link to make sure it's who they purport to be.

Any posts you've read about "Hackers" getting into the forum or what-not are false. These are just silly kids posting under pseudo names. I don't want to go to a strict registration system; hopefully this can be resolved. If you're having problems figuring out what I'm talking about, it's because some of the messages have been deleted.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the really great regular posters we have in the forums. Your knowledge and willingness to share it make the moped community stronger every day. Thank you.