The Muff Peddlers Midwest Moped Prom

Passing along a message from Amanda about the upcoming rally in Lawrence, KS next month (Aug 5–Aug 7, 2022).

Did you wake up this morning and think... fuck ! I just really wanna ride Mopeds in the middle of the Country? Did you miss your opportunity to be prom king or queen and have a burning desire to try for that title? Dust off that tuxedo t shirt ! wonder what its like to ride 60+ miles wondering if tulle from your dress is gonna get caught in your drive chain? Lets do this. Cliffs notes version.... Friday night Brewery ride. 6 Brewery Stops and Then a Friday chill out. Saturday, LONG ride. 60+ish miles, ending with an alley way prom! With some Pretty Rad raffle surprises from Treats and Dos! Pizza, beer and even some live music! and of course prom king and queen crowned!

Be sure to register for Muff Peddler's Moped Prom.