New Website Done

It's finally done--the new Moped Army website. Here is a list of things that are new:

  • All new design and navigation.
  • Ability to search the site.
  • What's New box lets you know about updates.
  • Improved Photo of the Week display.
  • The events section lists past and future Moped Army events.
  • There are new member classifications, which are detailed on the main branch view page.
  • There is a new branch from Cincinnati, Ohio, The Bombardment Society. They are really excited about mopeds and the Moped Army, so send them some email and get to know them.
  • Forum posting statistics are improved.
  • Posts in the forum can now be "verified" when you are logged in.
  • Links are sorted in categories.
  • All articles available in printer and PalmDoc versions.
  • Photos are more efficiently organized by brand and category.
  • You can search photos.
  • Special Events Photos are given more prominence
  • The Moped Owners Directory is now integrated into the website--Moped Army and Moped Owners Directory members log in via the same interface.
  • All Moped Owners Directory members can have photos of themselves and their mopeds.
  • All searching for Moped Owners Directory members is now done via a zip code database for increased accuracy.
  • Members and Moped Owners Directory members can add an unlimited number of mopeds to the profiles.

Note: If you are registered with the Moped Owners Directory, your account for this website already exists. All your previous information concerning location, name, and mopeds is still here. You can log in with the password you've always had using the form in the upper right hand corner of the page. There is no need to create a new account.

If you notice any problems or error message in the next week, please contact Simon immediately. Let me know what the error message was, or what happened that was odd. Also include what browser you are using (exact version please), and what operating system you are running it on. A screen shot of the problem would be the best, if you know how to capture and send one. This has been in testing continually as it was being made, but there is a possibility that something unexpected could occur.