Rest in powerbands, Rick

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that we have to inform the community of our beloved Rick Beilec passed this morning.

Rick has been around with the moped community forever. He was a founding member of MCR in 2011 and at that point he already had a barn full of 30+ Le Mopeds, giving him the handle "Moby Rick"

He has the kindest soul, and bent over backwards for people he barely knew. He loves fun and always does what he can to make sure everyone around him is enjoying themselves too. He has a deep passion for anything with a motor. He owns over 50 mopeds, a dozen motorcycles, and over 20 classic cars.

Rick has been one of the dearest members of our family and he will be sorely missed.

Fuck cancer. Pour one out for our brother today. He's with the cashew pipes in the sky now.