New branch applications due September 30th

Is your moped club interested in becoming an official Moped Army branch? If you've been riding, wrenching, and rallying we'd love to have you apply this year. Applications are due 9/30 and you can read about other milestones on the review process page.

Becoming an official Moped Army branch doesn't change much about your group, but it's a way of banding together into a single tribe. We do this for fun, but we're also at a point where we need to work together as an organization to do things like enforce our code of conduct at rallies and ensure our community is one of safety and respect. The Moped Army is just a part of the larger moped community, but over the last 22 years we've become the biggest and most unified organization to represent this awesome hobby and sub-culture.

If you're passionate about both mopeds and improving/growing moped culture then we'd love to have you represent as an official Moped Army branch.