Website Update: New Photo Gallery

After 6+ months of work I’m excited to announce the new Moped Army photo gallery! When I launched the new website two years ago the gallery was reformatted for mobile, but otherwise largely untouched. I focused that build on the forum, wiki, and rider profiles and left the gallery for another day. Well, it’s finally that day.

This is a major overhaul. All of the images from before are still there, but reformatted for easier browsing as well as new ways of searching. Uploads are back, as well as a new way to add photos that have already been uploaded to the forum. That means there are decades of photos already on this server ready for anyone to properly add and categorize. We now have the tools to build the largest and best database of moped photos. Instagram is great for a stream of recent pics, but this is an enduring visual reference library of mopeds.

There’s a lot of little details to highlight, so check out the announcement thread for a feature breakdown. I’m looking forward to seeing all the great photos you add to the gallery! Together we can create the biggest and best visual library of mopeds!