New branch applications due end of September

Is your moped group ready to become an official Moped Army branch? New branch applications for this year are due at the end of September. Of course not every group needs (or wants) to be official, and we love all of the moped gangs out there. But if you run an active and thriving moped group we hope you'll apply.

It's not that becoming an official Moped Army branch changes that much in your group, but it's a way of banding together into a single tribe. We do this for fun, but we're also at a point where we need to work together as an organization to craft things like our code of conduct and decide on some standard safety measures for our rallies. The Moped Army is just a part of the larger moped community, but over the last 21 years we have aspired to be the biggest and most unified organization in this awesome sub-culture.

If you're passionate about both mopeds and improving/growing moped culture then we'd love to have you as an official Moped Army branch. We're looking for groups with a solid existing track record of riding, rallying, and representing the community. If that's you, please apply.