Website redesign

Welcome to the new website! I have been working on this redesign for over a year and it features lots of improvements, both big and small. The old site was showing it's age, optimized for a previous era where people primarily used desktop computers to browse the web. This design works well on all of your devices: desktop, laptop, phone, and tablet.

Some new features:

  • Responsive design that adapts to all screen sizes
  • SVG graphics for crisp logos at any resolution
  • Improved font for cleaner typography
  • Homepage hero images featuring photos by Carrie Schreck
  • Improved profile editing
  • Updated social media fields in profile
  • Ability to verify email address
  • Improved archive of retired branches
  • Upgraded wiki software
  • Rally map
  • Improved photo resizing and caching
  • Thumbnails on forum posts that have images attached
  • Personal Messages and unread indicators in forum navigation
  • Lots of little performance and security updates

The one area of the site that still needs some work is the photo gallery. All of the existing images are online, but in the coming months I will be rethinking the design and improving their organization. Please note that submissions to the photo gallery will be closed until those improvements have been completed.

For those who might be interested in the history of this website, this is the sixth redesign. The last major change was in 2011, and then 2002 before that.

I hope you enjoy the new website. Your contributions are what make this site a great information resource. I'm happy that you'll now be able to easily access the forum, wiki, and everything else from all of your devices.