The Guns and The Tom Cruisers are now Emeritus

A couple of legendary Moped Army branches have decided to bow out and become Emeritus. Their members are still a part of this community, but as a collective they are no longer focused on growing and building local branches.

The Guns go back 12 years of representing mopeds in Ann Arbor, MI. Formed originally by Decepticon scouts and later merged with Novi Lef, the Dearborn branch, The Guns have always had a strong and consistent presence in the community. The Red October rallies will always be remembered fondly.

The Tom Cruisers have been spreading the moped love well beyond their home base of Tempe, AZ for 11 years. From Sausage Fest to the erotic men of mopeds calendar, these guys set the bar for moped fun.

We will miss you as official branches, but thank you for your many contributions to the Moped Army and moped community over the years. This organization is special because of the friendships it's forged, and those aren't going anywhere.