Mopeds Stolen in Kalamazoo

ATTN: Kalamazoo residents:

Dave Brzezicki's red 1984 Derbi has been stolen. It runs, so we have a chance of catching the kids that took it. The muffler doesn't have a baffle on it, so listen for something hella loud. It was taken from the Deceptiplex around 10am this morning - and Dave thinks it's some kids that live in the student ghetto area.

Lets get out there and find this moped and these kids. If found, it can be proven to the police that it's Dave's since it's registered to him, VIN number V147130.

Bill's Free Spirit was also stolen, and has already been recovered on Dutton street.

Report any findings to Dave B on his cell phone at 616-569-7708.

Spread the word. Swarm and Destroy.