Red October 8

Red October 8: Red Hot American Summer begins this Friday the 13.

The meeting place will be the Moped Shop located at 1240 Jewett, Ann Arbor, MICH 48104.

Please show up after 5 pm on Friday the 13th since people gotta work. The evening ride around Ann Arbor ride departs at 9pm. If you arrive later, head to the 8 Ball Saloon located under the Blind Pig at 208 S. First St in Ann Arbor.

Meet for the Saturday July 14th ride at the Moped Shop at Noon. Please bring your moped that runs with a helmet that you can wear and if you can swim, a pair of swimming trunks. Lunch will be available at Argo park. From 4-10 pm you can catch up on your naps, relax, eat Ann Arbor cuisine or check radar for pop-up thunderstorms. The party will be at the Moped Shop at 10pm Saturday night.

Sunday July 15th at 8 am, wake up and go home.