Anti-harassment Policy

The Moped Army is a dedicated to an inclusive, harassment-free experience for everyone regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, or religion. We do not tolerate harassment on our website or at official Moped Army rallies.

Harassment includes offensive comments (related to gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, or religion), posting or display of sexual images, deliberate intimidation, stalking, public release of private information, unwanted photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome sexual attention. Anyone exhibiting these behaviors (online or at a rally) will be asked to stop and are expected to comply immediately.

Behavior at Moped Rallies

At moped rallies we expect all attendees to behave as responsible and mature adults. We are committed to maintaining a respectful, safe, and positive atmosphere for everyone.

If a rally attendee engages in harassment of any kind the rally organizers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the offender, expulsion from the rally, banning from future rallies, and/or removal from a Moped Army branch. If you are being harassed, or notice someone else is being harassed, please contact a captain from the Moped Army branch hosting the rally.

If necessary, branch captains will assist in contacting local law enforcement, providing escorts, or finding alternative sleeping arrangements so that those who experience harassment feel safe for the remainder of the rally.

Drinking and Driving

The Moped Army does not condone riding a moped after drinking alcohol. Drunk driving is dangerous to both yourself and others and will not be tolerated. Please exercise common sense and good judgement if you choose to drink at a rally. Plan ahead to take alternative transportation after evening parties, designate a sober driver, take public transportation, or utilize cabs and ridesharing services. We can ride mopeds and drink alcohol, but should do so separately, and in that order. Let’s all stay safe by encouraging this behavior and setting a good example. This is up to all of us.