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I have a 78 Cimatti with a Minarelli V1 engine and I’m looking to do an engine upgrade. I get my parts from Treatland and they have a few different kits and cylinder packages. I was hoping someone has some good pointers on what to look for or order. I like the Stage 6 horizontal 70cc cylinder kit so far.

Re: Minarelli V1 upgrade

The horizontal minarelli is a completely different engine that won’t work . I mean I’m sure you can make it work but that’s another beast lol .

The polini is everyone’s go to


Re: Minarelli V1 upgrade

Re: Minarelli V1 upgrade

Polini. Great to slap on and ride, but lots of information on here on how to hack it for more.

Re: Minarelli V1 upgrade

That dos kit looks really nice!

You can run a stage 6 or any other minarelli vertical scooter kit on a v1 with this spacer:


But it takes a lot of work and custom fab, pros only kinda deal

Re: Minarelli V1 upgrade

80 Polini, 16sha, puch side intake, any pipe you want to fit (puch pipes are super easy to mod), and regear. Easy to tune, rips, and you can upgrade later if you want to blow up or keep up with the variated kids. Clutch springs are nice, I still rock stock for whatever reason. I have done this setup on two v1s and they are super fun to 45. I have a puch estoril pipe and puch circuit pipe Ive swapped between. The v1 mlm side bleed pipe is awesome but comes at a price.

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