Gm synchromesh

Holy sheep shit, I did 50% 0w30 and 50% gm synchromesh in the za50 trans and no more clutch slippage at high temps. Clutch feels a lot better now. Any one try it?? Can use it 100% instead of mix but I mixed with oil and it's really nice.

Re: Gm synchromesh

i can testify that it does work, although my application was attempting to keep my syncros in good shape on my 5 speed bugeye wrx. ;)

these days my search is for something to fill the chappy case with that slips MORE not less!

Re: Gm synchromesh

šŸ‡®šŸ‡¹šŸ’¦ Of the Loin /

They literally make numbers for this

You want more slip? Lower oil weight

You want less fade? Raise oil weight

You want to start fast and keep strong? Get a wide spread of oil weight (0w-40, for example)

You're only fighting two battles, and the tools are right there for you

Re: Gm synchromesh

iā€™m gonna have to do some SDS research and figure out what the friction additives are.

but i think i wanna try this badly

Re: Gm synchromesh

campeona del mundo (supercharger pappardelle) /

worked well in my geo metro

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