Qt50 big bore 60cc???

I’m thinking of getting the 60cc head and piston kit for my stock qt50. I’ve never stirred away from stock on any of my bikes. I’m hoping it will help climb steep hills better. I’m curious to anyone who has put this on their bike, pros and cons. Also curious if I need to upjet. Thank you friends.

Re: Qt50 big bore 60cc???

🦺🥇b to the MOPO 🚨🚨🚨 eff /

There are lots and lots of threads on the topic here, check the search function, or use google.

This blog post may also help: https://qt50.net/yamaha-qt50/qt50-performance-tuning/

Re: Qt50 big bore 60cc???

I did the Trizinger kit off of ebay and it was great so far. Make sure you run extra oil along with injection oil. That will help prevent issues. Also make to run larger jets during break-in.

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