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Hi all, Please can someone help. I have a 1988 Honda Camino that I am trying to tune.

I have had fitted a 70cc DR cyclinder kit, proma exhaust, super stuffy race crankshaft and polini variator. I also have the set of 3 different polini clutch springs but the bike garage I am using are unable to get the bike to run right with regards the gearing of the clutch with any of the clutch springs including the originals. Can anyone with the same set up tell me what I need to do to get the bike gearing correctly?

Much appreciated and thanks in advance.


Re: Honda Camino - Gearing

Totally normal JBOT /

Get rid of your starter shoes and either pull start of one way bearing start.

Starter shoes negate clutch tuning.

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My wild guess is the garage you are using doesn't have the carb tuned right and thinks the issue is the clutch springs

Re: Honda Camino - Gearing

Robert Watkins /

Hi Mike, thanks for your response.

The garage have a 90 Jet in the carb and say that it is fuelling correctly. Not lean or rich and they are happy with how the engine is running. The issue they believe they are having is that the bike is not gearing correctly with regards the clutch. They have tried the different polini springs including reverting to the originals along with different rollers but still not right. Just after some help.

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Do you mean that he clutch is engaging too soon? too late? what weights do you have in the variator? has it been tuned? What belt are you running, and how is it adjusted? There are a lot of factors to consider in a variated transmission

Re: Honda Camino - Gearing

Hepatitis J [OFMC] /

>90 jet

In what carb?

>polini springs

Polini makes a bunch of springs and this bit of information is basically useless on its own.

Boyd is right, there's lots of shit to consider. That being said, it's your weights. It looks like those polini variators come with just about 30g. now, I've never run that particular variator but have run an otherwise very similar build(we all have) and I had the most luck with 18g total. What "other rollers" did the shop try? What was the weight?

A free and quick test is pull 3 of the weights out. Does it run better or worse?

Re: Honda Camino - Gearing

Robert Watkins /

Got it sorted now. Came down in Jet sizes, Air filter, 24g rollers & blue clutch springs. 👍🏼

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