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I picked up a non running 1980 Motobecane 50VC for $300, it has an aftermarket techni exhaust and a 15.15 dellorto carb. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations to get the full potential out of this set up.


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I would be more concerned with the braze weld repair on the tank

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Depends how much you want to spend. If you want to leave it as is, I'd start by cleaning up that sketchy wiring, cleaning up / rebuilding the top end, clean out the carb, and rebuild the variator and clutch. It also may be worth repacking the wheel bearings.

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Do everything as summerai said. Clean up that rats nest and every other sketchy looking thing on that. Get it running first and see how it does with the performance parts that are already on it and to get a baseline for it and then you should think about adding performance to it

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> Bryan Wood wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I picked up a non running 1980 Motobecane 50VC for $300, it has an

> aftermarket techni exhaust and a 15.15 dellorto carb.

> the full potential of this set

> up.

Unless you want to toss a bunch of money at it. One thing could be fine tuning. Look up stock variator tuning. I would check to see if someone already messed with it.

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Those in frame vibration isolators are a pita to change out but yours seem compromised. Wasted vibration is speed wasted. Whats your speed now for a baseline?

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Rewire that bike properly do it does not strand you somewhere - use a length of trailer harness wire so you have a few colours.

Replace the engine mounts - easy 15 minutes job with threaded rod and a collection of sockets as a puller.

Check the timing and put a external condenser - set at 1,5mm BTDC with points adjust at index 0,35 - 0,40mm (.013-.016). Gap plug for same gap as points.

Likely the wheel and steering bearings are in need of fresh grease, same with the pedal shaft and variator.

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Ditch the stock ignition and replace it with the le partie CDI. This model year was 12 volt so it'll be pretty darn simple to hook it up once you've got it installed. Isn't guaranteed to improve performance but it'll save you from a million headaches down the road.

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