Don’t need fancy clutches

I bought the cheapest aftermarket 3 shoe for my E50 when I built it. Just wanting something to get it together. Been shopping and reading the claw thread thinking about what to upgrade to.

Well, in the mean time, I cut my shoes down to 64 grams each. Stock springs still: 2 turns in from flush. Type F fluid.

This thing is perfect for me. If I just barely open the throttle, I can have it engage well enough to take off slow and quiet and have the clutch locked up for 15 mph school zones. Crack the throttle open and the torque forces it to slip into power band rpms and pulls hard up to 25-30 (depending on temp) before locking up again.

No brace, no bend (yet) and it is running 9-10K rpm WOT on the highway all the time. A little over 200 miles on it so far.

I expected this to be something for break-in purposes that eventually would fail or underperform. But I am really diggin the way it works.

I’m not trying to say this is new or better than anything. Just wanted to share it for others that may want/need a cheap way to get this kind of behavior from a clutch and like a testimony before hacking their own parts.

Re: Don’t need fancy clutches

Probably Fred /

Stock puch clutches are amazing, There is so much you can do with them, because of asbestos linings they last a long time and if you use synthetic motor oil instead of junk type f linings last even longer, slip a bit better, have less fade when hot as well as more protection for bearings and gears too.

I’ve been using regular and Synthetic motor oil in different weights instead of type f fluid in my stock modded and kitted Za50’s and e50s and some other brands of mopeds for 20 years and clutch, tranny wear is almost non existent

Re: Don’t need fancy clutches

Roff, didn’t you say once before that the aftermarket shoes needed type F or some ill effect came from running motor oil on them?

I like stock stuff too, but feel better about hacking up aftermarket parts.

Re: Don’t need fancy clutches

Probably Fred /

I saw stock clutch springs and I thought you were talking about running stock clutch linings too,

I only like stock stuff, stock two shoe clutches aren’t that expensive, you can find them cheap if you’re crafty

I don’t like aftermarket stuff like lightened clutch bells Because it strips the oil away, lightened starterplates don’t grip enough to start

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