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Mike Brennan /

So, I bought a donor Chappy from a mate which in hindsight sight was a bad move as there are lots of bits missing. Parts here in SA are like chicken teeth too…

So now I’m in. Done the barrel and head with new piston and need to give her a kick but there is no wiring. Just the magneto and coil.

Looking at the diagrams I have found the line runs from the magneto to ignition switch to diode and then coil.

I need the diode value as the part has been discontinued by Yamaha and I’m not a sparky. Or a mechanic for that matter but the Chappy is a great project.

Can someone help me with that diode value please?

Re: Diode Substitute

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

Diodes are categorized generally by a) voltage drop which is generally determined by b) the metal composition of the diode.

In general anything that's 0.7 or 0.5v forward voltage drop is as close as you can get to "standard" as possible. The lower the voltage drop the better.

I know of some beefy 0.3v shottky diodes that I like to use but not necessary for this scenario

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