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Finally got around to slapping a ported aluminum cylinder and mildly milled head on a stock e50. Tops out at 37 which is ok, but no low end. Actually had low end when i ran it with just the milled head and topped out at 35-36. Forum discussions here said 40 is possible from a ported setup, but maybe that was on the hi torque cylinders. Porting was 1.5 mm taller exhaust port and 2 mm wider each side and 2 mm wider each side intake. Stock e50 alu head milled .5mm. Bing 14, MLM Cali, 16/45 gearing. I know the Cali is not the right pipe for this experiment, but it's what was on the bone stock setup that was on it. I have a proma circuit, techno circuit, or an estoril I can try. I was interested in trying this as an alternative to get cheap speed without making the investment in a kit, crank, bottom end and the like. Am I wasting my time?

Re: Hoping for more

Not at all, sounds like you went a bit ham on the porting but that's cool, probably not too far you just turned it straight to 11.

If you run with that pipe and like 14*45 you might be surprised, but I think all around you'll be happy with a estoril or proma circuit.

Yeah you're not gonna have much low end, gear short and tune your clutch. Your jetting might not change on the main much but the needle and atomizer might be totally wrong now too. Fun fun fun.

Re: Hoping for more

I mean a clutch tune and a circuit pipe will have you going much faster quicker. Get that clutch to really spin up before it engages, the circuit pipe can be used where the clutch hits mid into that powerband.

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