No chain tensioner, small sprocket, it's actually a pedal bike!

Hi everyone. Work continues on the Puch and I stumbled across a mod that really impressed me. My bike feels like a heavy bmx that I can actually pedal!

I have been having lots of derailment on the pedal side because of the small freewheel I got for my new mags. I have also been experimenting with gears on the drive sides which will impact your spacing. I ended up shortened the pedal chain too much and got to thinking... Do I need this tensioner? Doesn't seem like it.

I am happy to report no derailment issues and my cranks feel like they do something for the first time.

I'm also running aftermarket rear shocks at near max, so the rear end doesn't have a much travel. My drive side is now 16x41T and it's sitting nice and deep in the dropouts with short, no tensioner chains.

Ok. So someone tell me why this is a bad idea.

Re: No chain tensioner, small sprocket, it's actually a pedal bike!

It's to make up for the difference between the drive chain and pedal chain. If you get real lucky and both chains just work, that's fine but most (like all) of the time they are slightly off so you have to adjust to fit the drive chain and use the tensioner on the pedal chain.

If your tensioner is bunk you can just bend it with pliers until it's lined up. Pretty much every time I have to do some tweaking.

Re: No chain tensioner, small sprocket, it's actually a pedal bike!

Probably Fred /

Peddling itself is not a good idea because you’re spinning the bell and and gear inside the engine which wears the clutch bell bushing and makes you do more a lot more work peddling.

not recently but I pop the chain off if I break down making it way easier to pedal and push the bike,

How about you make a way you can disengage the engine or make a free wheeling countershaft drive sprocket for the engine and then let us know what you did.

Re: No chain tensioner, small sprocket, it's actually a pedal bike!

Michael Jones /

I definitely do feel like I got lucky with the spacing of the two chains.

That is a good tip that it isn't a great idea to pedal around all day. Good idea about dropping the drive chain for the pedal of shame should the situation arise.

Unrelated, I think that I have my LED /battery /with recharge working. I'm running my light circuit through a regulator rectifier, but the light still flickers. However, by putting a 12V li battery pack in series, the voltage seems to be buffered and the batter pack charges. More testing needed to see if it makes enough current to charge the battery under normal conditions. My batter pack has a switch, so I am not worried about discharging the battery.

I tried some more complex setups, but the relay wasn't seeing enough voltage to do what I wanted.


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